Complete Analyzed Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

by Hitech Institute Laxmi nagar


Hi Tech Institute is one of the most famous institutes for laptop Chip level repairing course in Laxmi Nagar. It is a certified and government recognized repairing institute not only of Delhi but also of whole country. Our both chip level laptop repairing course and card level laptop repairing course in Delhi is most preferred among the learners and working professionals as well. The whole syllabus of our laptop repair training is totally concert with the current demand of hardware repairing industry.

The course of laptop repairing course in Delhi has been designed after the complete analysis and it is able to contain the important essential that one should known being a laptop technician. This course covers all about laptop BIOS setting, how to create windows partition and formatting, installation of various windows, way to make driver backup and restore it, repair all windows and driver file, recover data, various types of virus problem, methods to solve problems of USB port and LAN port, camera etc. After it you will learn some of basic electronic and their identification like resistor, capacitor, coil, diode, transistor, transformer and many more. Under this training you will be give complete information about various parts of laptop as charger, adapter, battery, hard drive, CD, DVD writer, RAM, ROM, keyboard, touchpad, screen either LCD or LED, motherboard, cooling fan, Wi Fi card and also webcam. We understand that in the matter of technical training practical knowledge is more important than that of theoretical knowledge so we give our focus in practical class. In practical classes you know how to repair and maintain hard disk, install external Bluetooth and Wi Fi inside any laptop, ways to break windows password, knowledge about how any image appear on LCD screen, to fix hardware problem without taking it apart from laptop, replace battery inside laptop battery, update and reprogram BIOS and there are a lot of things that you learn under it.

The best part of this training course is that you do not need to have any previous knowledge or basis technical information for appearing in this class. So, anyone who has not form technical background can easily join this training course and we want to ensure that that person will become an expert in laptop repairing technician or repairing professional on the completion of the course. And also, after finishing the course we provide  a professional certificate to our students that gives the candidates a good weighting in the matter of job and that helps them to standout from the long queue. For the proper function of  this training we have a group of trained and experienced teaching professionals as faculty member. They are confident in providing more practical training and fully dedicated towards the future of students. So, if you are searching for a nice and easy to understand laptop repairing institute in Laxmi Nagar then take our course. Here, you will be given laptop repair classes  in such a way that give you hands on training on all advanced laptop repairing tools.